It is with joy that we provided students and teachers at Mayezane Primary School access to clean water. Mayezane Primary School was established in 1911, making it one of the oldest schools in the Matabeleland South province in Zimbabwe. It is located just 114km from Bulawayo and has a current enrolment of 223 pupils. Since its establishment, the students and teachers have had to walk about 1km away from the school to fetch water. Together, Family Impact and ZRSDP, were able to put up a ten thousand litre water tank at the school and install a solar pump at the river bed that will pump safe drinking water to the school. The system uses the sand abstraction method because the area is dry and prone to seasonal droughts.  The community was actively involved in the project by digging the trench for laying the pipes from the river to the school.

The installation of a safe water source has come as a great relief for the school and community, as this will enable them not only to have easily accessible safe water but opens up opportunities for the school to do other income generating projects. Having water easily accessible within the school grounds will enable the staff and students to have more time to do other activities that promote learning.

“I am really looking forward to establishing a nutrition garden for our children so they can have a healthy lunch at school. We have really been struggling with securing relish for our students but from now onwards we will have healthy kids.”
Ms Madllela– School Development Committee

“Water is life so now you have given our school life. I can’t wait for us to plant flowers to beautify our school. During the current lockdown I have registered 10 new students (6 girls & 4 boys) and it is because of the work ZRSDP has done at our school.”
Mr Tshaka – Acting School Head

“The Bible says ‘blessed is the hand that gives’, I would like to thank Family Impact and ZRSDP for giving so much to us. Our children now have a beautiful school that we are proud of and they also have access to clean water. May God bless you.”
Mr Mlotshwa – Community Leader

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