Kemapondo Primary School

ZRSDP has developed a strong relationship with Kemapondo Primary School over the past eight years and has supported the completion of two new classroom blocks.

The school was opened in 2003 and, by the time they got in touch with us, the local community had already built two classroom blocks, a teacher’s house and an administration building. They then started work on the construction of a two-classroom block in March 2005, which involved molding and burning about 120,000 bricks. The community provided labour, pit sand, river sand, concrete stones and other services.

ZRSDP agreed to grant additional funds in 2006, 2007 and 2011 to Kemapondo for the remaining costs, including books, new desks, window frames and panes, trusses, vents, fixtures and fittings.

You helped us to do this,

Thank you.