Hambakwe Primary School

Hambakwe Primary School is a new school that is situated between two big schools Marere and Kavaya primary, with 10km to the former and 15km to the latter.
Children from Hambakwe were having to walk to either of the nearby schools which was practically difficult for the little ones to do.
Parents then sought permission from the Rural District Council to start a school and permission was granted but the Council was not going to be responsible for any construction of any structure for the school.
The school was started with one small shed and two teacher houses and one being used as an office and the teachers shared the other.
We took interest in this area because of the dedication of the people and their local leadership in trying to build without any resources.
Justin and Nikki visited this area and met with the teachers and the School Development Committee to discuss the role of ZRSDP and community participation.
A 1 x 2 classroom block was started end of August 2019 and was finished by October 2019. The building is being used from the day it was finished.