Chidamoyo AIDS Centre

ZRSDP’s first construction project was undertaken in partnership with another UK-based charity called The Chidamoyo Trust, run by Gillian & Chris Withers. We met Gillian & Chris and we were inspired by what they were doing by building a new AIDS Education & Counseling Centre, attached to Chidamoyo Hospital.

HIV/AIDS is rife in Zimbabwe, with around a quarter of the adult population infected. This means that many children are left orphaned or lose other family members to the disease. There is, therefore, a huge need for counseling and, perhaps more importantly, if we can educate these children about the disease and how to avoid becoming infected themselves, we could, in our own small way, help to loosen the grip of HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe.

ZRSDP committed £1,600 (one quarter of the costs) and, given our belief in the power of education, paid for the library within the new centre.

When we saw the photos, we couldn’t believe how big it was and two of our Trustees have since been out to visit the project.

You helped us to do this,

Thank you.