James Easen

Our founder and chairman. When James returned to the UK after teaching in Zimbabwe in 1994, he continued to raise funds to send back to schools in deprived rural areas. In 2001, this culminated in registering the charity. He chairs the charity and has led many fundraising initiatives. James lives in the Cotswolds and currently works in the oil and gas industry.

Justin & Nikki Hess

Both were born and grew up in Zimbabwe, before moving to South Africa via the UK. Passionate and eager to stay as involved as possible with Zimbabwe they are an integral part of the charity, responsible for the relationships on the ground. Nikki keeps in constant communication with people at the schools near Chidamoyo, helping to ensure that the projects remain on track. Justin has spear headed some of the more radical fundraising efforts – such as jumping out of planes and cycling from London to Paris.

James Herbertson

Brings his entrepreneurial flair to the committee identifying all manner of fundraising opportunities and managing our marketing. In 2011 James formed a team that swam The English Channel raising over £35,000 for ZRSDP. He has strong family links with Zimbabwe and taught there with Jamie in 1996. James co-founded the first social enterprise in international education Bayswater Education.

Clare Brennan

Clare began her career working on educational programmes at the British Council, which showed her how important education is for all and the necessity to help those who don’t have the same opportunities as others. Since then Clare has worked in international relations and operational roles and currently works for an ocean programme organising its meetings and events.

Patrick Easen

Our treasurer. Patrick kindly looks after the financial affairs of ZRSDP producing the annual accounts and running the book keeping. He has been out to Zimbabwe to see first hand the work of ZRSDP.  Patrick lives in the North East and is retired from lecturing with the University of Northumbria.

Jamie Drysdale

Taught geography and coached sports at Chinhoyi Secondary School in Zimbabwe in 1996. Jamie oversees delivery of part of our project portfolio and organises a number of events, including the annual pub quiz which he has made his own. And yes, if you have ever been to one of our quizzes, he is Jamie of ‘Jamie’s Jackpot’ fame! Jamie works for PwC in the insurance consulting team.